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How can we help your online business perform better?

We have one main goal - to find which channels work best and where clients can invest efforts and resources; we analyse their competitors and provide better strategies where possible.

Nadia GeorgievaCo-Founder and Online Marketing lead at Exigio

We're not about winning the deal but long term relationships where we can dedicate our time to help clients' businesses perform better.

Damyan MirchevCo-Founder and Tech lead at Exigio
Knowing your customers

Do you understand your customer’s actions?

An online performance audit highlights your customer’s actions (habits, likes, dislikes) and can be an effective tool in setting up your Digital Strategy.
You are fortunate. You own an established online business and you do work that you love.
But recently, social engagement has declined; SEO rankings have dropped, ads aren’t performing, and your email open rate is below industry average. What’s going on?

Digital Data and Strategy


At Exigio, we collect digital data to understand your online activity – top performers and underperformers. Data gathered in a period of at least 1 year or more works best for us and is an important first step in developing a strategy to ensure you have a strong advantage over your competitors.

What Makes Digital Strategy Good or Bad?

Good strategy is simple. Bad strategy fails to identify the problem and looks like a list of unconnected objectives. Good strategy includes actions; they are the punch in your plan and put you ahead of the competition.


What You Need to Succeed

Many online marketing companies offer too many things. Our goal for you is simple – to help you find, attract, and convert potential customers.

eCommerce Strategy

We focus on the biggies – BigCommerce and Shopify SAAS platforms to give your online business the advantage to focus on marketing and reduce resources on technical issues. We also offer audits to assess current online performance (or underperformance) and then create additional ways (Strategy) to reach your audience and get you more sales.

UX Design and APP Development

In some cities, you go to park your car and there are signs explaining the times you can park, the times you can’t park, the days of the month you can park, and the months you can’t park.

In the online world, we call this poor UX Design. We make sure your users get from A to B to C easily and without frustration. That means three things. Good user experience. More time on your site. More sales.

Online Marketing and Advertising

We don’t do everything. But what we do, we do well. Whether your need us to improve your audience, introduce a new product or service or stay ahead of your competitors, let us help you find, set up and monitor the most converting online channels and align them to your future goals.

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Our goal is to help your business perform better. We won’t start until we’re sure that we can help. We’re all about long-term relationships. I guess that’s why we’re still in business after 12 successful years and some of our biggest brands include Sony Music, Lti Hotels and Giorgio Armani.
We can help you exceed your online goals

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