Beat your competitors with quality and functional design

With Exigio's Design team you will achieve a professional, but also appealing and inviting look for your website. We will help you establish a professional look for your online business.

Our design process is simple and fast

We know that if your design is better this will simplify your work.
Your message will be delivered faster and your audience will understand it without additional explanations.

This applies if you sell a product, service and even if you are a non-profit organization.

That is why we strive to make designs that look really nice, and also get the job done.
We call them functional designs.

Some of the services we provide:

Unique website design - we will create a dedicated design concept that fits perfectly with your business.
Your website will stand out from the crowd. Guaranteed.

Advertising design:

  • On-page design optimization - We will review and work together with you on your website pages. You will be amazed how even the smallest things can lead to serious improvements.
  • Landing pages - We can design new Landing Pages or improve the ones you already have. Your Landing Pages may have the biggest effect on your business and bottom line and we know how to make them work.
  • Social media design - We can customize the look and feel of your Facebook and Twitter accounts - your fans and followers will notice you are different.
  • Newsletter template design - Your email newsletter will look consistent with your brand - your subscribers will trust you more and your message will be delivered successfully.
  • Banner design - With good looking and functional banners you will get more impressions and highly targeted clicks and conversions. Thus even with smaller advertising budget you will reach better results.

We will be happy to discuss how a new design can improve your results and raise your bottom line.
Contact us now and tell us more about your idea

Our skills

We are proficient in:

Photoshop Dreamweaver Flash Illustrator

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