Look great on all devices with responsive design

Responsive design is a new technology invented in the last 2-3 years.
It was designed to simplify the support and maintenance of small-to-medium websites.

In the past you would need separate versions of your website for mobile and desktop devices.
But nowadays with responsive design your website will literaly respond to its environment, no matter the screen size.

So you will get only one site to maintain instead of many websites for each device.

Your clients will see the same content on every device - but it will be presented differently depending on the screen.

Is this the right approach for your website

The responsive technology is used mainly for small-to-medium sized websites. It is great for company websites presenting lists of products and/or services, with not too many pages and complex structure.

The responsive design usually works best with simple page layouts, less design elements and clean visuals.

Our responsive design services

If you want your website to become responsive we can offer you a full range of services:

  • Responsive design concept - creation of the graphics needed for your website
  • HTML5 and CSS3 coding
  • Implementation in Content Management or eCommerce Platforms

Contact us now and we will be happy to design your new responsive website.
If you already have a website we can tell you whether it can be turned into responsive website.

Our skills

We are proficient in:

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Responsive Web Design

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