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Planning to start an online business ? Or you already have an online business and you want to take it to the next level ?

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I need advice

We can give you valuable advice

  • How to choose the perfect domain name
  • What design and looks will fit your business
  • What hosting plan to choose
  • Should you invest in a mobile platform

I need design & development work

We can assist

  • What platform will be the most cost-effective
  • We can design a unique and results-driven web system
  • With database logic your business will work on auto-pilot
  • Together we can build a mobile (responsive) version of your website

I want to start a marketing campaign


We can tell you how you should approach and prioritize your marketing.

We can also give you some precious advice based on experience:
How to market your business online and offline.

I want to sell services

If you are selling services

  • How to make them more sale-able
  • How to define your pricing strategy
  • How to be perceived as better than your competition

I want to sell products

If you are selling products

  • Should you invest in an ecommerce platform
  • What critical functionality you will need when you start and when you grow
  • How to sell more than your competitors - using insider know-how !

I need finances


Once you have a viable working solution, we can give you advice on how to apply for venture capital.

We can also give you some directions on how to prepare a business plan if you want to apply for a business loan.

Together we can work on these and we can help you step forward with your online business.
We will be happy to be part of your success and to be on your side when you need the right advice at the right time.

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