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In the last 3-4 years the available online channels to advertise your products and services have grown exponentially.
A whole industry of marketing gurus has emerged and they are ready to promise you the world.

But if something is too good to be true - you can bet it's not.

So how to pick the right channel to deliver your message in the most efficient and cost-effective way ?
And how to entrust your hard-earned cash with minimum risk.

Risk management

In order to reduce your risk of losing money without getting desired results we recommend combining 3 successful approaches:

1. Don't put all of your online eggs in one basket.
Use multiple channels to advertise, and distribute your budget based on priority and final results.

2. Start small and grow with demand.
Even if you have a large amount to spend on marketing for your next campaign don't allocate all of your budget in advance. Schedule an evenly based (or season/event based) budget allocation plan so you will be free to make adjustments on the spot if the need arises.

3. Constantly refine your campaign
An online marketing campaign is a living-and-breathing creature. It has to be constantly monitored, analyzed and act-upon.
Changes and refinements need to be done almost every day, in order to avoid losing money. Exigio can help you with that.

How Exigio can assist

Our approach to online marketing is very straight-forward and efficient.
We analyse your business, your goals, your website and your current marketing steps.

We also make a thorough review of your current marketing assets.
If additional marketing materials are needed we can help you in the design & development process.

Once we complete our research we can give you directions for improvement.
Then we build a timeframe and property allocation plan based on your budget.

Finally when you give us the go-signal we initiate the marketing campaign.
Note that we constantly monitor and regularly send you status reports at predefined intervals.
So you are always informed about how your marketing campaign is going.

Where we advertise your business, product or service

Every business is different and requires a tailor-made marketing approach.
That is why we work with a vast array of advertising channels - in order to deliver only highest-possible results.

We work with the following major online players:
Google AdWords | DoubleClick | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Yahoo and Bing | Trusted pool of proven and tested Ad Networks

We advertise on the following properties:
Google Search Results | Google Display Network | DoubleClick Display Network | Facebook Ads | YouTube and Mobile Ads
LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates | Twitter sponsored tweets | Yahoo and Bing search | Skype | And Trusted pool of lead-generation high-traffic Ad networks

Landing page optimization and conversion optimization

High Click-through-Ratio and High Conversion Rates

We give a very special attention to your landing pages.
Design, content, value-proposition, benefits & features, pricing model - all is reviewed, analyzed and constantly improved.

If custom tracking & measuring functionality is needed we also install it on your website.
You will be surprised how much click-throughs and conversions can be squeezed from your landing pages.

To learn more, please review our Functional web design page.

Managing your online campaigns

Why our clients choose to work with us ?

It's quite simple:
Because we manage our clients' campaigns every single day.

We constantly monitor the heartbeat of the advertising engine.
And if we see problem areas we make changes and improvements right-on-the-spot and right-on-time.

If you entrust your advertising to Exigio Advertising Team, you will know you've made the right choice.

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