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Damyan Mirchev

Co-founder, Managing Director & Senior Project Manager @Exigio

Currently managing the day-to-day operations of Exigio Ltd.
Occassionally writing something new in the Exigio Blog.
I am also involved in several other business ventures.

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How we guarantee our clients are getting top-notch service

If you ask me how and why we’re different from our competitors I will answer you quickly. We focus on 2 major things – and we are trying to do these to the highest of our abilities:


Man Running over Bar Chart

Are you happy with your conversion rates ?

I think there is only one right answer to this question – and the answer is No.
You should never be too happy with your conversion rates.

You should always strive for more.
This is the only thing that will force you to constantly improve your online business.

How to find the right web company

The right web company for your online project – how to find it

You came up with a great idea you would like to implement!

You have already done your homework and you know it’s got potential.
You believe in your idea – who knows, this may become the next Twitter or Facebook or even Google !



Start small, think Big for your business

“A thousand mile journey begins with one small step.” – Lao Tsu


Hello, we are Exigio

Hello, we are Exigio


We are really happy to announce – we’ve finally started our official Exigio Blog ! 🙂


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