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Logos: Bootstrap Foundation Skeleton

The 3 famous CSS Frameworks – Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton – embrace the new reality

The critical question many designers and frontend developers are still facing – should I start using a CSS framework and which one to choose ?


How we guarantee our clients are getting top-notch service

If you ask me how and why we’re different from our competitors I will answer you quickly. We focus on 2 major things – and we are trying to do these to the highest of our abilities:


Google Analytics

5 most critical stats you should monitor regularly in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can easily become overwhelming for the average webmaster.
The amounts of reports, analysis tools, and cryptic terminology can puzzle even the savviest web users with many years of experience.

That’s why we have decided to put up this post and help our clients and loyal Blog readers discover new and useful data about their web traffic.

Free White Paper

Improve the Cash Flow of your Online Business


We have released a Free White Paper on what you can do to improve the cash flow and profit from your website. If you have an online business and you are wondering how to raise your bottom line this Free White Paper will give you many clues and ideas:

The information presented is based on solid knowledge acquired for the last several years.
All of the concepts are tried and tested in the field – either in Exigio or in our clients’ businesses. These concepts are reliable and proven to work.

That’s why we believe this White Paper will be of great help to you and your online business.

But don’t take our words for it.
Feel free to share your thoughts after you read this White Paper.
We welcome your opinion – as it will help us update and improve this document even further.

Good luck with your online business in 2014 and beyond.

Man Running over Bar Chart

Are you happy with your conversion rates ?

I think there is only one right answer to this question – and the answer is No.
You should never be too happy with your conversion rates.

You should always strive for more.
This is the only thing that will force you to constantly improve your online business.

Become an Affiliate Photo

Become an affiliate – Earn money by recommending our web services

You have the connections but you don’t have the skills, or you have the skills but you don’t have the time to manage all the enquiries.

Don’t worry. Now you have a web partner you can count on and who is willing to reward you for every successful referral.

How to find the right web company

The right web company for your online project – how to find it

You came up with a great idea you would like to implement!

You have already done your homework and you know it’s got potential.
You believe in your idea – who knows, this may become the next Twitter or Facebook or even Google !



Start small, think Big for your business

“A thousand mile journey begins with one small step.” – Lao Tsu


Hello, we are Exigio

Hello, we are Exigio


We are really happy to announce – we’ve finally started our official Exigio Blog ! 🙂


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